At Smyrna First we strongly believe that everything we are or hope to be begins with prayer. Through our various prayer ministries we are ready to pray for you and to praise God with you, confident in the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s amazing grace through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer Request Cards are available in the Sanctuary and in the Fellowship Hall. Submit by placing them in the offering plate during Sunday worship services or fill out our Prayer Request form below, which will be forwarded to our Prayer Team.

May We Pray For You?

Each Tuesday morning the Church staff meets and prays over the requests that have been submitted that week.
Each prayer request is assigned to a Prayer Team volunteer who prays over it for as long as it remains a concern. The overall responsibility of this team is to set the prayer vision for Smyrna First, encourage personal and corporate prayer, and coordinate prayer events & training.
Available to members who are hurting and want prayer. As the church family prays for them, they dial the pager number and a “prayer sent” message transmits to the pager.

Prayer Request

Pray With Us!

You are invited to be a part of our Prayer Ministry and Experience the blessing of offering intercessory prayer.

  • Participate in the Prayer Pager Ministry by calling a pager each time you pray for a person who has one.  Look for the prayer pager numbers listed each Sunday in the bulletins.
  • The Prayer Room (located just off the Welcome Center on the East side of the building), is a quiet,  peaceful space where you can center yourself and pray, either in small groups or privately.  It is open anytime the church building is open.  You are invited to use the kneeler, bulletin boards, prayer concerns list and missionary information.  Set the ambiance by turning on the flameless candles and lamps and prepare to commune with the Lord.
  • The Prayer Room located in the Youth Building, is a sacred space 100% dedicated to prayer by and for our young people.