Do you know the names of the people you sit close to during worship every Sunday? Do you pass people in the halls on Sunday and not remember their name? Do they know you? We have over 2,700 members at our church and are growing every week. It is hard to keep up with everyone!

Smyrna First will be providing new name tags for everyone! We’d like to ask everyone to PLEASE wear your name tag so that we can get to know each other better.

You’ll notice the design of the new name tag matches our new signs and other communications – the Smyrna First brand.

If you don’t have a new name tag, you can request one below. Just fill in your name and email, we’ll let you know when your new name tag is available for pick up.

Keep it in your car when you’re not at church. That way it will be handy and you can put it on the next time you’re here.

Thank You!

The Evangelism Team