Ministry to College Age and Young Adults are a vital part of our congregation. We place particular emphasis on our out of town college students, by our Secret Saints program. This program has a large group of volunteers who “secretly” keep in touch with our college students by sending cards, letters, care packages and encouragement and prayers. Then once a year we host a breakfast for all of the Secret Saints and the Students to finally meet each other and share their experiences. If you would like to volunteer to be a Secret Saint, please contact Kim Duggins at

During college breaks, “Conversations”, a college and young adult Sunday School class meets Sundays at 10 am for food, fellowship and Bible study. Led by lay facilitators, this class is meant to encourage and help our college students refresh and relax and spend time with their church family.

During the longer breaks (winter/summer), the church offers social gatherings, parties, bible studies and other activities for our student who are back home.