Welcome to Smyrna First UMC

Established over 170 years ago we continue to grow in our love for God and in our love for one another. That is why we have chosen as our theme, “Loving one another to Christ”, and is based on I John 3: 11-18 and 4:7-12. It is out of that love that comes from God’s heart to our own that motivates us to go to the world in mission and in ministry to proclaim His love to all people. Every member of our congregation is encouraged to grow in discipleship as we believe the closer we come to the heart of God, the more we grow in our understanding of how much we are loved by God and we are to love all people. We invite you to explore our church and learn about our ministries as they have been born out of the compassion God gives us and we share with the world.

We join with the United Methodists around the world that confess belief in:

  • The triune God- the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Salvation that comes to us through the grace of God given through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ and through His resurrection.
  • The forgiveness of sin through Christ’s suffering and death on the cross.
  • The Holy Spirit who convinces the world of sin, righteousness and judgment and who comforts, guides, sustains, and empowers the Church.
  • The Bible as the inspired Word of God given as a revelation of God’s heart to humanity.
  • The centrality of love in the life and message of Jesus Christ.
  • Faith in Christ is manifested by channeling Christ’s love into the world by seeking to meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of others.
  • Prevenient grace that awakens in us the desire to know God and His love for us.
In the United Methodist Church there are two sacraments that we celebrate; Baptism and Holy Communion. Through baptism we are marked as disciples of Jesus Christ and it is seen as an outward sign of the inward grace God gives. We baptize infants, children, youth, and adults and traditionally we use the mode of sprinkling but we will also use the other two forms of pouring or immersion if requested by the recipient. We also acknowledge and celebrate the baptisms of those joining the church from other denominations and we do not re-baptize individuals.

Holy Communion is open to all worshippers who desire to receive the sacrament. One does not need to be a member of Smyrna First UMC or any church in order to receive the grace of God that is offered through communion. We do ask that those who come and partake of Holy Communion come with a heart desiring God’s forgiveness and will seek to live a life that is pleasing to God. Communion is served to children as well as adults as God’s grace is open to all people.

For over 170 years, Smyrna First United Methodist Church has been serving Christ and the community. We can trace our roots back to 1833 when Methodist pioneers established a meeting place near the present-day downtown Smyrna area in which traveling ministers would come and hold worship services. A brush arbor under which people would gather for these services was built near a fresh water spring that ran through the area. It was through these gatherings that a fellowship of believers began to emerge and around the year 1838 this fellowship would become the Smyrna Episcopal Methodist Church and later be renamed the Smyrna First United Methodist Church. All historical records and deeds during these early years were housed in the Marietta Courthouse and were burned by General William Sherman during the Civil War so the exact dates and purchases of property during those earlier years no longer exist. It is believed that in 1846 a log cabin church was built on this site and the Methodist congregation established the Smyrna Memorial Cemetery as well. The church expanded its facilities in 1911 and again in 1968.

In the narthex of our church one will see various pictures and paintings of the church facilities and how they have changed over the years. The observer will also find pictures that are of greater importance for they are pictures of church members who made up the congregation of the Smyrna First UMC during the years of transformation. We consider these pictures as being more important because they represent the thousands of men, women, and children that have been and are being blessed through the ministry of the Smyrna First United Methodist Church.

History of SFUMC by Harry C. Mickleboro

Tour of SFUMC by Harry C. Mickleboro