Sunday School

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We have a Children’s Sunday School Class for each age, beginning with 2 year olds through 6th grade. Classes meet weekly from 10:00-10:50 am and classrooms are designated by green and blue signs. The room numbers are as follows:

Age Location
2 Year Olds Room C112 – Bunny Class
3 Year Olds Room C110 – Chimp Class
4 Year Olds Room C111 – Giraffe Class
Kindergarten/Pre-1st Room C103 – Kangaroo Class
1st Grade Room C102 – Zebra Class
(Ages 2 Years through 1st Grade are all on the 1st Floor of Building C)
Age Location
2nd Grade Room C202
3rd Grade Room C203
4th Grade Room C204
5th Grade Room C206
6th Grade Room C210
(Grades 2nd through 6th are all located on the 2nd Floor of Building C)

Deep Blue Adventures

Deep BlueStay connected even if you miss a Sunday. Download the Deep Blue Adventures app and you can watch the Deep Blue video of the week on your iPad or iPhone.